Shutter vs Curtains

Brisbane News

What a dilemma, for years we have purchased curtains which has two option to open or to close, and now the window industry has exploded in the options of shutters, not one shutter but a choice aluminium shutters, planation shutters, timber shutter, and now PVC shutters. Im confused So what the advantage over curtains ? Curtains as versatile so we think they are. There are many designs of curtains, plain, pleted ,patterned bunched but the disadvantage is that they Can get dated very quickly, A good curtain today to fit an acreage window can cost from $500 – $1500 dollars, depending on fabric and design. Then the cost of fitting expenxive curtin rails and rods. The problem being is most are now manufacture over seas and have none or very little UV stabilizing qualities. And with the Australia UV especially here in Qlds will literal kill your curtains in 5 years, products are not what they use to be where 20 years ago a curtain would last 20 years, however today some companies still offer a 10-year warrenty, which I am still to find a company which offers a manufacturing warranty of over 3 years. Strange some thing to think about.

Then you have the installation of tracks and poles and fitting which can be expensive too, curtains also can make a room look very small, and only the choice of open which can be too bright especially in summer or closed which can be too dark, cleaning well curtains collect the dust particles and all the dirt from outside acting like a filter to your house, how many time have you washed your curtains. I haven’t why because the dry cleaning costs are high from $120 per set then you have the hassle of Climbing up and taking down and then climbing up and re fitting. Not a practical solution for today families especially for the elderly.

Which leads to shutters
On face value without getting into issues of poor quality of products and bad warranty’s, the functionality of the shutter is extremely better than any Curtain.

The shutter can be opened and closed like a curtain, however adding the extra benefit of the blades being adjusted for maximum light or shade, you have total control of the light whether it’s a overcast day or a summer day. Offing great light with out the glare, and still giving you full primacy from the outside, a true functional window solution, the shutter fits within the revel which allows a more open feel to a room, no cluttering of curtains ceiling to floor, shutters can add extra security to your home depending on the locks which can be attached where curtains cant. Easy cleaning, no more expensive curtain dry cleaning or the hassle of removing and refitting them, simple wipe over the shutter with a cloth and it’s clean.

A more durable and friendly window covering.
Being a full block out will also ensure the carpets and furnishings wont be bleached by the sun .
A true versatile product.