How To Keep Your PVC Shutters Looking Like New

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PVC shutters add value and style to any home. As an alternative to curtains and blinds, they are durable and high quality. PVC shutters in Brisbane will complement your décor and provide the perfect finishing touch for a long time. 

PVC shutters save on energy bills and being available in various styles and colours will fit in with any décor.

Our shutters are reinforced to ensure longevity and are made from moisture-resistant material.

The shutters we supply at Brisbane Shutters have a flawless and durable paint finish designed to last a lifetime but to ensure your shutters always look their best, they do need some regular TLC, which means cleaning them.

Here’s how to clean PVC shutters:

Dust each individual slat

Using a feather duster, slatted blind cleaner (yes you can buy these!), or a dry duster, wipe each slat.

If you have moveable slats, remember to do them in both positions. We recommend a microfibre cloth as the most efficient.

For solid slats you can chose to work horizontally or vertically. 

Vacuum rather than dust

Handheld hoovers and “stick” vacuums have made it much easier to clean things other than floors and you can easily use them to get the dust off your shutters. Be sure to choose an appropriate nozzle.

It should be a soft brush nozzle rather than anything sharp or rough as these could damage the surface of the shutters. 

 Remove heavy stains or marks

Shutters in certain areas will get stains and marks. Shutters above the kitchen sink can receive splashes, while shutters in a kid’s room can be at the mercy of sticky fingers.

The marks should clean off easily enough from PVC shutters with a damp cloth. If the mark is proving to be stubborn, sue a small amount of a general purpose cleaner. 

Irremovable stains and marks

If there is a permanent mark or stain that simply won’t budge, the best thing is to contact your shutter supplier to ask if they can provide you with a small amount of the original shutter colour which you can use to paint over the offending area. 

As you can see, PVC shutters in Brisbane are easy to maintain to keep looking new. If you want to fit shutters in your home, give us a call or use our online enquiry form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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