How Much Do Indoor Window Shutters Cost?

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More and more people are coming round to the idea of having indoor window shutters fitted. Here in southeast Queensland, these often represent a practical, stylish and value-for-money choice. Shutters have probably been seen as more of an exterior fixture in the past, but this is only partly true. Indoor plantation shutters combine the advantages of certain types of blinds, with added robustness and energy efficiency. They are also surprisingly good value. As suppliers and installers of the window shutters Brisbane people love, we know how competitive these products are.

Value Products

In some cases, the cost of fitting a bespoke indoor plantation shutter could be as little at $200. This will not always be the case, but it’s not a bad rule of thumb to go with. As little expenditure as that will get you a tailor-made, adjustable and energy-efficient window treatment, guaranteed for 15 years. Compared to curtains, blinds or other coverings, that’s quite remarkable value for money.

The least expensive interior plantation shutters are made of PVC. These are especially useful for indoors because they deal with indoor problems. They are easy to clean, don’t rust, don’t attract allergens, and don’t suffer from moisture. They can be used in bathrooms and kitchens without any worry about bending or warping. PVC shutters also come in timber-like finishes, which many customers love.

Alternatively, some home and business owners prefer timber shutters or aluminium plantation shutters. These are made in both poplar and basswood, both of which are excellent insulators. The reason people choose timber, however, is that it looks incredibly classy. The plantation design was initially made with wood, which its distinctive frame shows off to best effect.

Design Details

The cost of window shutters Brisbane homeowners and businesses prefer also depends on their specific design. Interior plantation shutters have to be made to measure, to fit each window perfectly. However, there are more than one ways of doing this. Basically, the more material is used to make each shutter, the more this will add to the final cost.

There are two ways to fit an indoor plantation shutter. These are Recess Fit and Face Fit. Neither of these is the right or wrong solution, and the choice is purely down to individual taste. Both types of fitting are equally energy efficient and can fit interior designs as appropriate.

Recess fit shutters are installed within the outline of the window aperture itself. This means they don’t stand out from the wall. Face fit, on the other hand, encloses the entire window feature. These possibly look more like plantation shutters, but indoors. Face fit shutters use more material and therefore cost a little bit more.

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