Hottest Interior Design Trends

Brisbane News

Designing a home can be an exciting and exhilarating process.

It can also be something that makes people feel completely overwhelmed and confused.

Going through all of the options and new trends out there can require a significant time commitment.

So what is currently trending this year in the world of interior design?

2018 in Brisbane has revealed design trends for homes that are both practical and exciting. The most talented interior designers out there have been stunning the public with all kinds of brilliant ideas and concepts.

If you’re looking for the latest in home interior design choices for the upcoming months, then these will certainly point you in the right direction.


Mini Chandeliers


Do you have your sights set on lighting fixtures for 2018? The addition of a quaint chandelier may be just what your space needs.

Look for mini, antique chandeliers that have been repurposed. Look for options that are equipped with natural components, too.

Wood beads and spheres that are a combination of rod and metal can both work wonderfully. These kinds of design components can complement your home lighting by making it look more classic and retro.

People who are fans of Art Deco home styles will love the look that only a chandelier can bring.


Rustic, Sliding Farm Doors


Go back to the basics with a rustic sliding farm-style door in 2018.

Sliding barn doors have the ability to accentuate the texture of wood and artistry in general.

They can also be optimal for people who wish to take advantage of home areas that aren’t good fits for classic swinging doors. Installing a barn door in your bedroom at home can be not only a stylish addition but a practical one too.


Spa Inspired Bathroom Retreats


Unique bathroom makeovers are flooding Instagram and Pinterest of late.

Try mixing it up with unique, ‘personal-touch’ pieces of wicker or rattan and don’t forget some greenery either!

Long, flowing plants can add a real touch of luxury and escapism to your bathroom.  Wake up in zen mode every morning in your very own retreat!


Encapture The Coastal Experience


It doesn’t matter if you live nowhere near the water. Interior design that boasts a bona fide coastal feel is all the rage these days.

Coastal residences are often associated with strategic natural lighting. They tend to contrast strong and subtle colours. They tend to focus on design components that are both sophisticated and soothing, too.

Think big and open as well. Get rid of any furniture items that aren’t required.

For maximum impact introduce window treatments that encourage the splendour of natural lighting.

Plantation shutters are an ideal choice to bring in the Hamptons look you’ve been dreaming of.

Shutters come in a variety of different materials. Some are more suitable for interior applications than others such as timber, aluminium or pvc.

Make sure you do your research before ordering a PVC product over natural timber or aluminum.

Charming Kitchens


Your kitchen is one of the most vital parts of your residence. That’s why you should do everything you can to accentuate that in 2018.

Try to design a home kitchen that’s inviting and warm. Terrazzo and marble countertops are hot right now, coupled with warm spotted-gum flooring.

Copper or brass elements work nicely too. The same goes for cabinets that are accentuated with recessed, barn style inlays.

To add a real twist of charm, add a Persian inspired rug or floor runner to transform your kitchen into a modern, eclectic masterpiece.