Do Plantation Shutters Cancel Noise?

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When engaged, plantation shutters undoubtedly minimise, or reduce the amount of noise that can enter the home. The materials of your shutters, where they are placed on your window and whether they are installed on the inside or inside of your home all determine on how much that noise minimisation will be to your home.

Shutter Material Matters

Plantation shutters are constructed from sturdy materials like wood or composite, aiding in the absorption of sound waves and diminishing the ingress of noise into your home. This effect is particularly pronounced in the case of exterior shutters, as they furnish an additional layer of insulation against external noise.

Shutter Placements

In addition to their sturdy build, plantation shutters feature adjustable slats, enabling you to manage the level of light and airflow entering your home. By partially or fully closing the slats, you can effectively block unwanted external noise.

Furthermore, plantation shutters offer the flexibility of installation on either the interior or exterior of your windows. Opting for exterior installation can furnish an extra layer of insulation and noise abatement.

Our Recommended Shutter For This Space

In summary, plantation shutters can serve as an efficient means to diminish noise within your home, particularly when installed on the exterior of your windows. Their capacity to absorb sound waves and offer additional insulation can contribute to creating a more tranquil and serene living environment.

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