Why Choose Plantation Shutters Over Curtains

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Putting covers over your windows is a tradition as old as time, and if you are looking for the most modern way to do that, then you should be considering plantations shutters in Brisbane.

Prices aren’t the only reason that shutters are increasing in popularity among Australia’s homeowners, and Brisbane-Shutters would like to offer you a few suggestions as to why you should be looking more closely at this option. 

Curtains are so passé

Curtains are a staple of home decoration for good reason.

Not only they are a fast and easy way to brighten up a room, but they can also be adapted to fit the colour scheme and aesthetic appeal of a room.

However, they can also have several downsides, including being a dust magnet, and having a tendency to fade, making the whole room look old. 

Shutters have more impact

A professionally fitted interior shutter, including plantation shutters and cafe-style shutters, has an amazing impact on the room.

They can create a lasting impression that won’t fade or become dirty, unlike curtains. 

Shutters reduce noise and draughts

When fitted properly by Brisbane-Shutters, your windows will have reduced draughts, and there will also be a reduction in noise from the street.

This can be very important if you live near to a busy road or in the centre of town. 

More durable

Window shutters are easier to maintain, and this means that their lifecycle is likely to be much better than that of standard curtains.

In a family home, where there are pets including dogs and cats, you would have to vacuum and maintain curtains regularly.

Shutters simply need a light dust when you are in the mood. 

Easier to adjust

When you come down in the morning to a darkened room, and fling the curtains open, you often have to work hard just to pull all the fabric across to its corner.

You also have no adjustment – curtains are either open or closed. With plantation shutters, you can use the louvers inside to adjust the slats to let in the perfect amount of light. 

More affordable

Get the help you need when you are choosing between curtains and plantations shutters in Brisbane.

Our prices are the best for domestic and commercial purposes, so speak to Brisbane-Shutters today about your needs.

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